A long history

A path that follows the river Temo flowing sinuous, leaves from St. Peter's Church, a Romanesque church in 1072 very well preserved, comes to the colorful old town on which stands the castle of the Malaspina 1112, goes to the Cathedral and the ancient Tanneries, down to an Aragonese tower that stands on the beach of Bosa Marina.

The History

The Castle of Serravalle, built starting in 1112 by the Marquis Malaspina, dominates the city. Inside the Church of Regnos Altos, with its important Tuscan school painting dated 1340-45 which shows the Meeting of the three living and the three dead, only this representation in Sardinia. On the slopes of the Serravalle hill stands the colorful village of Sa Costa, full of picturesque spots. The Corso Vittorio Emanuele is the city's main street, with its rich and majestic houses and the Cathedral, as unmatched in Sardinia of sacred architecture. Along the left bank of the Temo river, in proximity of the Old Bridge built entirely in red trachyte, you can see the Antiche Concerie, which constitute an important example of Sardinian industrial architecture.